Essential Summer Cookery Course

10:00am - 4:00pm
5 Days

Hands on

Sample Recipes: Mediterranean Goats Cheese Salad, Manhattan Seafood Chowder, Spinach Gnocchi, Summer Berry Pudding, Red Pepper Soufflé


Food Styling asparagus and fish

Deconstructed CheesecakeSpend a wonderful week cooking and learning here at Cooks Academy. This cookery course will suit you either as a total beginner or as a cook with experience. This may sound strange but most of us have a level of cooking that will put us in good stead for a week at Cooks Academy.  If you don't then you will surprise yourself.

You will learn the basics of classical cooking along with a concise discovery of cooking methods, skills and techniques giving you the background to enable you to cook with confidance in the future. A great fun course if you're taking a break from your hectic work for a week.

Course FolderDuring this week long cookery course we focus on seasonal summertime recipes which will bring a zesty burst of freshness and colour to your cooking.  

We supply you with a beautifully presented Cooks Academy Course Folder containing recipes, handouts and notes.  A great memento of your time at Cooks Academy and a lovely addition to the cookbook shelf in your kitchen.

But it's the lasting cookery skills and memories from your fulfilling cookery week at Cooks Academy that you will take with you wherever you go.

cooks academy picture

Triple Chocolate Brownies  Salmon Teriyaki  Strawberry Shortbread  Lemon Tartlets  

Lemon Drizzle Cake  Feta Cheese and Red Onion Frittata  Beetroot Orange and Rocket Salad  French Onion Soup with Gruyère Croutons  

Seabass with Spinach and Lemon Beurre Blanc



What to bring?

Your own apron each day or if you'd like to we can supply red Cooks Academy aprons for €15.00 Some Tupperware and a carry bag to bring some of the goodies you cook home with you.


"I have just finished a week's cookery course The Summer Essential Course and I so enjoyed it . I learned so many new skills and picked up so many tips and learned so much. The tutors were excellent Jack and Cormac very informative and easygoing , it was a brilliant experience and even if you're not very good your better than you think. We filleted fish, julienned, baked sautéed our way through so many dished which we then ate for lunch and got to bring home so much food .We baked Waterford bla's, meringue, burgers. We cooked chicken, fennel and orzo soup, seafood chowder. We made panacotta, aioli and so much more. I will definitely be back to do more classes.Thanks for a fab week."

Siobhan - August 2016 (via TripAdvisor)

"Thank you Cooks Academy for a really enjoyable and informative week of cooking, just finished a week doing the summer essential class. So much fun and met a fantastic group of people, from the other people in the class to to super chefs/teachers. Thank you, Cormac Jack and Darina. I will definitely 
book another cooking class in the future."

Susan Richardson Brazel

"The essential summer cookery course is excellent. Had a brilliant time, learned loads and ate so much delicious food. I would recommend it to anyone"
Rachel Finnegan - June 2015 (via Facebook)

"Just finished the one week essential course today and this is really a five star experience! Nice people, good teachers and various recipes. Thank you for a great time!"
Sabine Kaiser - January 2015 (via Facebook)

"The 1 week essential cookery course caters for all levels - I have had so much fun and learnt volumes!! Im just gutted there's only 1 day left"
Ailis Daly - October 2013 (via Facebook)

“What a great course to attend, not only has my knowledge of cooking increased but my confidence of working with food. Excellent time spent”
Alan Smith

“I wish I had done this course years ago! I would recommend it to anyone”
Munnel Monomey

“Even the most experienced cook will learn from this course! Far more than just “Essential!”
Margaret Dunne

"I've just finished the one week course and it exceeded my expectations in every way. I was a little nervous going in because I didn't know what to expect. Was greeted with a smile and some warm scones and tea. I like cooking at home, but had never done any courses before. The other people on the course were a mixture of all ages with different levels of experience. We all shared a love of food and enthusiasm for improving our cooking skills. Darina was our main tutor and she was excellent, helpful and made our classes entertaining. We also had Cormac and Emma who were brilliant and gave us a helping hand during the practical sessions. I learned so many skills and great recipes. Examples include rack of lamb with apricot, rosemary and garlic stuffing, homemade burgers in Waterford blaa buns (homemade!) and Sicilian biscuits. We had lunch every day which we cooked and with the high quality of the ingredients and recipes I felt like we were dining in a good restaurant each day! We also had loads of goodies to take home. My family and friends were well impressed by the food I brought home. I was very impressed with cooks academy, the premises is bright and spacious and the teachers are helpful and will answer any questions you have about cooking. I hope to do more courses in cooks academy in the future."  Taken from -

Typical Day

10.00 Plan the menu for the day;
             - Discuss the ingredients, techniques and skills that will be used for the day. 
             - Demonstration of the recipes to be cooked, followed by a Q&A session.
10.30 Mise en place. Supervised practical session where you will cook several dishes.
11.30 Present dishes to tutors where they will give advice and comments.
12.00 Lunch – possible the dishes you have just prepared.
12.45 Demo and practical session with Tutor or Guest Demonstrator.
16.00 End of day.

Like to see more about Cooks Academy?

Why not check out our kitchens and the wonderful dishes that our students create every day, by browsing our Galleries: Instagram  | Flickr

About Cooks Academy

Located on South William Street, Dublin 2, Cooks Academy is the leading cookery school in Dublin city centre. We run a wide range of cookery courses with our own in-house tutors and top class guest chefs passing on their passion for cooking to all levels of cook from the culinary novice to the next top chef. We run half day, full day, week long, multi-session and evening courses and our very popular 4 and 8 Week Training Programmes.  We also run Corporate and Group team cookery events. Come and have foodie fun with us right in the heart of Dublin's vibrant city centre.

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