Cooks Recipes

Cooks Recipes

Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup

We love this soup with Irish Garden Spinach.

Tian of Beetroot Quinoa and Mozzarella

Tien of Beetroot Quinoa Mozzarella

A dinner party showstopper.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Light and tasty - perfect for Friday night.

Cute Cupcakes

Cute Cupcakes P

The lightest, airiest, tastest cupcakes.

Chicken with Wild Mushroom Terrine

Wild Mushroom and Chicken Leg Terrine

Deliciously simple and full of flavour.

Slow Cooked Irish Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooked Fiery Lamb Shanks

Traditional Irish Lamb Shanks

Granny's Meringues

Granny's Meringues

The perfect Friday night dessert.

Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes

The yummyness of a pancake - and Low GI too!

Baked Hake

Baked Hake Roast Beet Salad

Impress with this showstopper.

Coffee Indulgence

Coffee Indulgence Dessert

The ultimately luxurious dessert,

Sole Meuniere

Sole Meuniere

Simply delicious.

Lamb Madras Curry

Lamb Madras Curry

The perfect winter's dinner.

Croque Madame

Croque Madame

The ultimately easy and satisfying Sunday brunch.

Seared Scallops and Crispy Bacon

Seared Scallops

Soft and succulent - one of our favourite types of seafood.

Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhaji

Part of our 1 Day Indian Workshop

Caramel Croissant Pudding

Croissant Pudding

A perfect pudd for cold wintry days.

Pan-Fried Hake, Pernod Braised Fennel, and Aioli


This is a new recipe on the Gastro Express.

Spicy Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce

This spicy sauce will jazz up any homemade pizza.

Gremolata Pork with Lemon Spinach

Gremolata Lemon Pork with Spinach P

Crispy pork with a lemon zing.

Baked Madeira Cake

madeira cake

A great cake to bake

Fresh Homemade Pasta Dough

Fresh Pasta

Classic pasta dough.

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