Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Print

Whoopie Pies


275g plain flour
30g cocoa powder
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp bread soda
100g butter, melted
150g caster sugar
1 whole egg
150ml buttermilk
2 tbsp red food colour powder


  1. Whisk the egg until light and double in size.
  2. Slowly whisk in the sugar. Combine the melted butter, buttermilk and red food powder.
  3. Gently mix into the egg mix.
  4. Sieve all of the dry ingredients together and slowly fold into the egg and butter mix.
  5. Spoon the batter into a disposable piping bag and pipe onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  6. Cook for 12-15 mins at 180C. Allow to rest and transfer onto a wire rack.
  7. When cool, fill one side with the Italian Buttercream and sandwich together.

Italian Buttercream

2 eggs
50g icing sugar
300g caster sugar
100g water
50g glucose
400g butter, softened


  1. Beat the eggs and icing sugar until at the ribbon stage.
  2. Boil the caster sugar with the water and glucose to 118C.
  3. Gradually add the sugar at 118C to the eggs and icing sugar at ribbon stage, whisk continuously and allow to cool to 26C.
  4. Gradually add the unsalted soft butter while continuing to whisk until a smooth cream is obtained.
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