Raw Double Chocolate and Orange Torte Print

Raw Double Chocolate

Serves 8


For ganache mix
2 avocadoes
200g agave syrup
50g cocoa powder
zest 1 orange
100g melted coconut oil

For the crumb base
200g toasted pecan nuts
175g dried dates
20g cocoa powder (3 tbsp)
sunflower oil (for oiling 7" round cake tray)


  1. Blend together the avocadoes, agave syrup, cocoa powder for ganache and nearly all the orange zest until very smooth. Make sure well blended.
  2. Melt the coconut oil then slowly add to the above while still blending. Blend till all added and smooth.
  3. Meanwhile pulse the dates in a blender for one minute.
  4. Add the toasted pecans and blend until mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.
  5. Lightly oil a 7" round cake tin with a loose bottom and press the date mixture into the pan to form a base, then place in the fridge.
  6. Remove the crumb base from the fridge and pour the ganache mixture over the base, ensuring it is smooth and even. Top with remaining orange zest.
  7. Return to the fridge and leave to set for at least two hours or even better overnight.
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