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Certificate in Professional Cookery (8 week)

9.30am - 4.30pm
8 Weeks

Hands on

A unique Dublin Culinary School experience. Learn classical french cooking from Internationally experienced and industry trained Chefs who pride themselves on a contemporary approach to dining.


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Cooks Academy Pasta Making



The 8 Week Certificate in Professional Cookery course runs three times a year (January, April and September), Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm each day. The course is 8 amazing weeks of intense instruction designed to give you confidence, inspiration and in-depth expertise when it comes to food and cooking. Our programme combines daily hands on practical work and guest lecturers together with theoretical sessions enabling you to become a confident and accomplished cook for the rest of your life.

The course is perfect for individuals looking to build their professional culinary career, as well as enthusiastic amateurs and home cooks who want to expand their skills.

By the end of the program, you will have a stunning array of delicious recipes for any occasion, while also being able to apply your learned techniques and cooking methods to dishes you create yourself.


Cooks Academy’s stunning city centre location in Dublin’s creative quarter gives students the opportunity to work in top of the range kitchens with high quality equipment. Students learn under the close supervision and guidance of highly experienced tutors in this beautiful light filled space. We also ensure that our students use only the best ingredients, therefore developing a strong affinity with quality, fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Because we focus on our students and their development through consistency, quality and value for money, we can guarantee that you will leave Cooks academy with the confidence and knowledge, training and skill to succeed in whatever culinary path you choose. That’s a guarantee we’ll stand by.

Cooks Academy is renowned as a professional cookery school in Dublin. Our acclaimed standard of teaching has resulted in past pupils being sought after by some of the best chefs in the business.

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  • Classic French culinary techniques
  • Hands on learning by doing and tutor supervision
  • Guest chefs from top Irish restaurants and lectures from industry leaders
  • Specialist modules such as Wine & Food Pairing, Butchery, Baking, Knife Skills, Food Styling
  • Farm to Fork visit
  • Develop artisan skills: cheese making, artisan breads, sausage making, smoking and curing
  • Focus on contemporary alternative diets and adaptions, eg. paleo, gluten free, vegan and dairy free
  • Pop-up Restaurant


We are extremely proud of Cooks Academy’s dedicated team of professional tutors who are patient, dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable in their field of work. Learn more about them here.

We are also honoured to be able to bring acclaimed expertise onto the course to provide inspiring masterclasses at key points, including:

benoit portraitSilke Croppe Maturing Room


Every certificate course student receives a specialized Cooks Academy training folder, as well as the Course Study Book containing hundreds of recipes. This carefully chosen content has taken over 50 years of continuous development by experts in the field.

In addition to this which enables cloud-based learning resources such as recipes, worksheets, videos and presentations to be downloaded or viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.



Cooks Academy is in the heart of Dublin city centre on South William Street, Dublin 2, only a few steps from Grafton Street. It is easily accessible by public transport to anyone in the Dublin area and the Dublin commuter belt daily.

Our facility is 4,500 sq. ft., filled with natural light and is beautifully finished with oak and marble. Students cook in our state of the art kitchen, providing them with ample space and their own cooking station. We pride ourselves on the high standard of equipment and appliances available to each student. See more of our facility here.


With contacts in the food and drink sector, food media, and artisan producer world in Ireland, we can help you find a placement to suit you. Be it for a week, two weeks or three, we would be delighted to help you search for the ideal experience following your eight weeks with us.


If you require accommodation in or near Dublin for the duration of the course, we have several options available depending on your budget and we can help you to get the very best rates locally. Please let us know if you need assistance with accommodation.

BandBsIn Ireland we are proud of our family run Bed & Breakfasts which give a warm, home from home welcome.  Visit Discover Ireland's B&B quickfinder.  We recommend a B&B in the commuter belt in towns such as Dun Laoghaire, Dundrum, Sutton, Portmarnock etc.  Negotiate a good rate becasue you will be staying for 8 weeks and consider no breakfast.  Make sure your B&B is close to Dublin Bus, DART (commuter train) or LUAS (tram).

Click on the image to the left to open up Discover Ireland's Accommodation Finder.  If you need some help choosing the right place then just contact us and we'll be delighted to advise or assist in whatever way we can.


Coming from abroad? See if you need a visa here. Please let us know if you have any question and we can assist in helping you find accommodation if needed.


We are proud Dubliner's and rightly so!  Dublin is a super friendly, multi-cultural city with a fantastic cosmopolitan food scene.  Our musical, historical and cultural heritage is rich and diverse and then there's the Craic!  Check out this amazing video of Dublin:


Ready to book? Great! Please contact us at +353 [0]1 611 1667 or info@cooksacademy.com and we will send you over the prospectus and enrolment forms. Or simply - 

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Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at +353 [0]1 611 1667 or info@cooksacademy.com and we more than happy to assist. If you are in Dublin, you are most welcome to come visit us at Cooks Academy, as we would be delighted to show you around and introduce you to our team.

The fee for the Certificate in Professional Cookery Course is €5,450. When ready to enrol, you simply fill out a short enrolment form and pay a 20% deposit of the course fee to secure your place. The balance of the fees are due two weeks before the course starts.

Note: If you are already a Graduate of the 4-Week Cooks Academy Certificate in Practical Cookery, you are welcome to apply to participate on just the final four weeks and therefore pay the balance of the fee.


eoin teaching

The Certificate in Professional Cookery is structured around an intensive 5 day week, usually starting at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm.

The cooking sessions will cover everything from menu planning and mise en place to discussing the techniques and skills for the day. Our tutors are always on hand to answer any questions from our students. Students then cook several dishes which are presented to the tutors for marking.

Following lunch, the students will often have another practical session with their tutors or guest demonstrators before finishing up for the day.


lambCheese Making

    • Mise en Place – food preparation and time management skills
    • Knife Skills
    • Stocks & Sauces – mother sauces, daughter sauces and emulsions 
    • Classic French cuisine
    • Vegan & Gluten Free Cooking
    • Butchery – meat and poultry
    • Hors D’Oeuvres – salads, canapes, dressings, mousses, coulis, pates, etc 
    • Fishmongery & Shellfish
    • International Cooking e.g. Sushi, Indian, Thai, Italian, Street Food, Dim Sum, Vietnamese, Mediterranean
    • Baking & Patisserie – yeast and specialty breads, cakes, pastry, pâte sucrée, macarons
    • Wine & Food Matching Lecture
    • Specialty Guest Workshops - Cheese Making, Sourdough, Chocolate
    • Smoking & Curing
    • afternoon teaSlow Cooking
    • Celebration Cakes with Sugarcraft
    • Sausage Making & Grilling
    • Farm to Fork visit
    • Pop-up Restaurant
    • Food Styling & Photography
    • Food Hygiene & Safety
    • Work Experience Placement


Certificate in Professional Cookery

The Cooks Academy Professional Cookery Certificate is based on continual assessment, with a practical and written theory exam at the end of the 4 weeks and 8 weeks.

4 Weeks: The practical exam will consist of making a main and dessert chosen by the chef tutors (don’t worry, you will have made it before in the course!).  The theory exam will cover basic culinary knowledge learned throughout the four weeks, in addition to an herb and spice recognition test. 

8 Weeks: The practical exam will consist creating your own menu, including one core ingredient chosen by the chef tutors.  The theory exam will cover in depth culinary knowledge learned throughout the four weeks, in addition to an herb and spice recognition test. 

Certificates are awarded to students who have produced satisfactory work throughout and have passed the examinations. (Grades include Distinction, Merit and Pass)



People of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities enrol in our courses. You don’t need to have any particular level of cooking skills. We often find established food industry professional on the course alongside complete novices.

Many participants attend the Certificate in Professional Cookery because they either want to develop a career in food and hospitality or set up a food business, while others do the course because they might be thinking of becoming food bloggers, food writers, food stylists or food business owners. There are also people who do the course just because they want to become exceptional, confident cooks, although they have no intention of entering into cooking as their profession. 

Often times people start the course without a clear direction in mind and subsequently, as the weeks go by, they discover the path they would like to take. That being said, the course puts particular emphasis on the application of culinary expertise in the food sector, so you will always feel supported should you have a question about your career options.

The Certificate in Professional Cookery will build on the basics taught during the practical course to develop advanced skills and techniques, including sourdough and artisan breads, game cooking, smoking, slow cooking, meat off cuts, vegetarian dishes, cheese making, chocolate tempering, sugarcraft, macarons, larder and kitchen management and entrepreneurship.

Cert Class of October 2016 Screen


Maria Maher

Maria Maher - Cocoa Atelier

Maria completed our Certificate in Professional Cookery and went on to work for La Rousse Foods at Cocoa Atelier.

Nicola Halloran

Nicola Halloran - The Wonky Spatula

Nicola completed our Certificate in Professional Cookery and went on to set up her own paleo and healthy food blog The Wonky Spatula.

Mark O'Brien P

Mark O'Brien - Chef and Food Blogger

Mark completed our Certificate in Practical Cookery, he went on to work with Jamie Oliver in London was the Sous Chef at The Dairy in London.


We've put together a selection of just some of the wonderful things recent Graduates of the Certificate in Professional Cookery have said about it. 

"Originally signing up for the four week practical certificate, I found myself at the end of week three not wanting it to end. I was enjoying myself and learning so much that I had to extend my stay and complete the full eight week course.

It's still hard to believe how much I and the rest of the group developed and learned over the course of the eight weeks. With a variety of backgrounds and levels of cooking experience, the excellent tutors at the academy really developed our skills, palates and confidence over the eight weeks, with a highlight being the pop up restaurant we ran for 70 external guests at the end of week 7 - not something I could have envisaged doing at the start.

The breadth and depth of the course was very impressive, covering both classical and fine dining techniques and cuisines, Bistro food, Gastropub etc. to a culinary tour around the world that included a range of cuisines such as Asian, Indian, street food and other current trends.

The instructors, led by Eoin were simply brilliant (and patient!). In addition to benefiting from working with Georgia, Johann and Cormac on a daily basis, the external guest instructors were generous and inspiring in also sharing their passion for their food and product.

I could not recommend the course highly enough and really miss being in the kitchen with the instructors and a great group of fellow students."

Shane Keating, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - October 2019
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie November 2019


"I attended Cooks Academy's 8 week professional course to begin my career in culinary arts and really loved my time there. The hands on approach kept each day exciting and the class dynamic was great. I've made some lifelong friends and will forever cherish my time at Cooks Academy."

Emma Jane Sheridan, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - October 2019
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie November 2019


 "I have just spent the past 8 weeks in the Cooks Academy's kitchens learning from their very capable teachers and special guest lectures. I entered this course as a means to transition careers and have left confident in my abilities to work with food. It is a very intensive course and at times it proved challenging, but support was always there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and really felt I learnt a lot, even in the areas I was confident in.

Cooks Academy's Course is also broken down to the smaller 4 weeks, which joined us in the beginning. There are also a few days or afternoons that are joined by the "public". I quite enjoyed seeing the fresh faces and added dynamic to the kitchen. There is always something different to learn each day.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to transition, start, or even just improve their cookery skills as not only are you learning but you are having such a fun time too. Seriously, I can't quite think of any criticism other than we need more BBQ days with Cormac. (Sure try the BBQ course too)"

Deborah Flynn, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - October 2019
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie November 2019


"Cooks Academy has defined a new chapter in my life. Coming in as a home cook, I was looking for a school that would be patient with me, but still give me the confidence to know my way around a kitchen. Cooks Academy has perfectly achieved that balance. The instructors all came from different places and all brought something totally different to the table. Each day was something new – from global cuisine days, slow cooking, and chocolate tempering to cheese making and cake decorating, there was NEVER a boring day!! This is a cooking school that will have you making (and eating!) something new every day. I loved the hands on approach we had, and now I have a giant book of recipes to take back to the states and show off. Thanks for a great 8 weeks, amazing food, and the wonderful connections!"

Rachel Gonzalez, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - October 2019
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie November 2019


 "I attended Cook’s Academy for an 8 week professional cookery course in September 2018. I was always an enthusiastic home cook but wanted to extend my culinary knowledge. The course covered everything from classic French cuisine to Asian Street food and everything in between! Every day was different and a new learning experience. The emphasis was very much on gaining practical professional kitchen experience, working as a team and preparing you for a culinary based career. The workshops from industry professionals (which included, bread, cheese, chocolate making and food photography) were hugely interesting and also great fun! The team of chef tutors had a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and lots of patience!"
Niamh Geraghty, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - 22 May 2019
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie November 2019


"I recently completed the 8 week certificate in professional cookery at Cooks Academy and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The course is suitable for beginners like myself and those already working in the food industry. Based in South William Street , The Cooks Academy premises are in the heart of a vibrant ever expanding cosmopolitan part of Dublin and only minutes from Grafton Street - you are spoilt for choice as to how to spend your lunch breaks! The cookery course itself is full time , 5 days a week but the days fly by as you immerse yourself in a wide range of cuisines and techniques including french, italian, indian , vietnamese, slow cooking, smoking, chocolate making and cake decorating- to name just a few. Highlights for me were pasta rolling, the day out on the Kilkenny food trail and cheese making. The premises are bright spacious and airy and I met wonderful fellow aspiring cooks on the course. However it was the enthusiasm and approachability of all the staff and tutors that made the course everything I had hoped it would be - in particular our head tutor Nicola who was so generous in sharing as much as was possible of her vast experience. Thank you to all at Cooks Academy and I would highly recommend any of the cookery courses".

Michelle Clifford, 8 Week Professional Certificate September - 23 March 2015
Taken from www.tripadvisor.ie 


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