Feckin Irish Tapas

6:30PM - 9:00PM
2.5 Hours

Hands on

Develop confidence in cooking with Ireland's delicious craft and artisan produce


Future Dates

To be scheduled soon, contact us for more info.

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Who said the Basques invented Tapas?  Well in Ireland we've come up with our own over the last few years. We haven't thought of a good name for them yet so that's why we've had to resort to bad language!

In Cooks Academy we are seriously proud of our fertile little island and we are so very proud of our amazing and diverse artisan producers who work our land with skill and passion. We really have some of the best produce in Ireland and we want to inspire you to cook with it.

On this unique tapas course, you will learn how to transform modern Irish recipes into these bite-sized wonders with locally sourced, fresh Irish ingredients of the highest quality. So if you are looking to entertain with patriotism by producing delicious Irish canapés and finger food then look no further than Feckin Irish Tapas.

Potato Gnocchi, Smoked Bacon, Pearl Onions and Craft Cider P  Corleggy Cheese Garlic and Parsley Toasts P  Fried Goat Cheese Croquetas with Sweet Pimenton Sauce  CA SALMON TARTARE TAPAS P  

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