Fundamentals of Butchery

2:00PM - 4:30PM
2.5 Hours


Gain an understanding of basic butchery, the cuts of meat and the tools of the trade.


This event is no longer available
Syl Byrne Butcher

Join Master Butcher Syl Byrne for this highly informative and educational demonstration into the fundamentals of butchery.

Learn about the four main cuts of meat and what they are used for. With a wealth of knowledge, during the morning Syl strips down a pig carcass while talking through the whole process.

This is a perfect class for you if you are considering working in this area or if as a good cook, you simply want to enhance your knowledge and learn where food comes from.

Syl with freshly cut meat, Sylvester Byrne, Master Butcher, Cooks Academy, Butchery

If you'd like to get a better insight into our butchery course, check out our blogpost here.

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