Pizza 123

10:00AM - 12:30PM
2.5 Hours

Hands on

Learn the 123 of making delicious Cooks Academy Pizza Dough and extremely tasty home baked pizzas


Basic Pizza

There is absolutely nothing like a home-made pizza and with modern ovens well able to reach pizza making temperature, you have no excuse but to give the homemade pizza the sanctuary it deserves.

On our fun and informative Pizza 123 Workshop you'll learn the key steps necessary to make mouth-wateringly good pizzas, pizzettes and flat-breads.  You'll be able to construct these delicious creations at home for friends and family.  We'll teach you how to make an easy dough and show you some really good flavour combinations with standard tomato based pizzas aswell as non tomato toppings.

Armed with proper pizza skills, you'll be able to have yummy Friday night Pizza and Movie nights, host a pizza party (your guests bring the toppings) or simply serve delicious flatbreads as nibbles before a dinner party.

Gluten Free Pizza  IMG_4982 smaller  Squash pizza 

Check out our yummy Irish Farmhouse Four Cheese Pizza on our Recipe Gallery.

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