Knife Skills

10:00AM - 2:00PM
4 Hours

Hands on

Techniques Covered: Knife choice, knife care, knife safety, slicing, peeling, dicing, julienne, baton, fish


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Knife Skills

Ever seen those chefs on the TV dicing an onion in double quick time?

Think of that reassuring chopping noise as a chef chops through vegetables, their knife hitting the board like a noisy woodpecker? Worried that you will take off your finger with a sharp knife?

Our Knife Skills workshop will teach you all the tricks of the trade so that you'll be able to chop, slice, dice and peel as well as a professional. Under the watchful eye of our expert chef, your instruction will take you through the main types of knives, which ones are used for specific purposes as well as knife handling safety and care. 

The course covers fundamental food preparation techniques with vegetables and fruit aswell as fish and meat, meaning that you will walk away from the class with a broad range of basic skills.

Importantly, with good knife skills, you'll learn about all those kitchen gadgets you just don't need to use.

At the end of the workshop you'll enjoy a delicious lunch which you've cooked along with a well deserved glass of wine.

knife skills   Curried Haddock Fish Cakes  IMG_1214  IMG_1247.jpg

Note: All ingredients and knives for the lesson are provided by Cooks Academy. But you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own knives.

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