Thai Home Cook

10:00AM - 2:00PM
4 Hours

Hands on

Sample Recipes: Tom Khaa Kai, Vegetable Pad Thai, Thai Green Prawn Curry with Fragrant Rice, Red Beef Curry


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Tap into the vast world of Thai food on our sizzling, spicy course.

Creamy coconut milk, tasty turmeric, luscious lime juice, gorgeous galangal: learn what to do with the fabulously colourful, sweet, salty hot and bitter flavours of Thai cuisine. Our Thai 4 Hour Cookery Course will have you basking in amazing flavours as you cook vibrant and healthy Thai dishes.  By the end of the class you'll have learnt so many tips and information about Thai Cooking, allowing your home cooking skills to mushroom.

After the class is over you'll savour a delicious Thai lunch with a glass of wine.

Have a look at our recipe for a delicious Thai Red Monkfish Curry on our blog here.

Chiang Mai Red Curry with Monkfish  Base47 Mango, Banana and Lychee  Thai Oven Fish Cakes    Thai Beef Salad with Fresh Lime Leaves B 

Pad Thai  thai dish  Green Curry Paste  Chicken Satay Salad

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