Vietnamese Home Cook

10:00AM - 2:00PM
4 Hours

Hands on

Sample Recipes: Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, Pho Ga, Hot and Sour Prawns with Noodle Salad, Cha Bo Vietnamese Beef Kebabs.


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One of the most popular Asian cuisines, the Vietnamese's emphasis on fresh herbs, raw vegetables and light seasonings makes it ideal for the health-conscious cook with an interest in world cuisine.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

On our Vietnamese Home Cook 4 Hour Class we teach students how to capture these fantastic ethnic flavours in a meal.

Students on our course will pick up vital information on Vietnamese ingredients and cooking techniques. This class is perfect for anyone interested in the cuisine of this vibrant and beautiful country, where food is a daily celebration of life. You'll take home some delicious recipes and techniques which will enable your skill to blossom as you delve deeper into Vietnamese cuisine.

After the class you'll savour a delicious lunch with a glass of wine.

If you're interested in seeing what goes on in our Vietnamese classes, check out our blogpost here.


"Thank you Chef Damien and Ronan for my wonderful experience at Cooks Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed your culinary expertise and non-textbook tips! The atmosphere was very relaxed and provided a great learning experience. The food was gorgeous and I will definitely be cooking some Vietnamese dishes in Wexford. I thoroughly enjoyed my Library Competition prize and 5 stars for the team at Cooks Academy"
~ Miriam O'Sullivan, February 2016

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