Confident Barbecues

6:00PM - 9:00PM
3 Hours

Hands on

Master Cooks Academy's favourite barbecue dishes and become an accomplished barbecuer. Sample Recipes: Succulent Steak, Perfect Grilled Chicken, Smoking Salmon


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Chicken Skewers

Cooks Academy's Signature Barbecue Bootcamp!

Barbecue DudeBecome a backyard barbecue hero by learning the simple basics of barbecuing.  There are so many pitfalls with barbecuing but a quick appreciation of the fundamentals together with some killer recipes, will have you creating delicious, outdoor food in no time.

During this 3 hour course, we cover grilling, smoking and roasting on the barbecue. We teach you key techniques such as a basic rub; controlling barbecue temperature, using a thermometer to barbecue meat perfectly, smoking with turf, wood chips or hay and really importantly, a lesson in lid on barbecuing which opens the gateway to a world of recipes that can be done on the barbecue.

We use both gas and charcoal barbecues so whichever is your preference, we'll make sure you go away with the specific knowledge required for your preferred barbecue.

You may think that this is terribly advanced, but trust us, it's not.  Even if you are a basic barbecuer, after this course, you'll be able to take your skillset up a level.

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Our lovely city centre rooftop, barbecue terrace is the perfect venue for learning and if the weather is bad we have the area covered with Gazebos, so don't worry about Irish weather!


Although this is a very techniques based class, designed to unlock your creativity with barbecuing, you'll enjoy a delicious meal with a beer or two and you get to take away Cooks Academy's signature barbecue recipes so that you can re-create barbecue heaven at home.

This class involves a level of food preparation and barbecuing by the participants and while not every participant gets to prepare or cook every dish, we make sure that everyone does something and walks away able to re-create everything!

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