Zambia Charity Pop Up Restaurant

7:00PM - 10:00PM
1 Evening


Cooks Academy Chef Instructors Eoin Garry, Georgia Vinter and Johan Damais will create a delicious 6 course, fine dining tasting menu with superb wines from Mackenway.


Future Dates

To be scheduled soon, contact us for more info.


Build a Library for Zambia

Join us for a fun evening at Cooks Academy on South William Street in Dublin.  We start at 7:00pm with a Glass of Bubbles and then follow with a sumptuous 6 course tasting menu prepared by our skilled chefs. Our gourmet feast is served with matching wines selected and introduced by Mackenway Wines.  All of this for just €60!Library photo inside

This is a fundraising event where *The Cooks Academy Team* support *Michael Nugent`s -* *Project to Build a Library for Zambia* - taking place in August 2019.

Donations are needed and welcome. For further information or to donate, please go to my webpage

Here is Michael's story - 

Until 2008, I had a comfortable life living in Dublin when I got the opportunity to travel to Zambia to work with some of the world’s poorest people. It opened my eyes to a new reality. With a bit of a jolt, I saw for the first time the reality of life and death on our planet and how close we all are to each other and to hunger. A day’s journey in a jet will bring any of us to the edge of the world where deprivation, hunger and death are daily events.

Container_children_at_desk1Having seen it once, I have been unable to forget it and to return to living blind in Ireland, not seeing the rest of humanity around us. I decided to personally try in a small way to change things, by devoting some of my time and talent to raising funds to alleviate poverty and personally working in Zambia. I have been visiting Zambia every year since 2008 and this Summer also, I am going back to Zambia again. In those past years, I have been involved in building houses, sinking wells, assisting schools, with books and computer labs and setting up a micro finance project for widows to start up businesses, and at the moment I am trying to construct a library building in Chipulukusu near the city of Ndola, in Zambia.

Over the past three years, we have sent over 45 tons of books in shipping containers to the schools in Chipulukusu, but there are no public libraries where people can read a book, only our two shipping containers. This year, we are going to build a library.

This is going to cost us €70,000.00, but with your help, we will get it done.

Overall interior view cropped

I invite you to participate and to support in any way that you can. I am always looking for volunteers to come with me to Zambia, I am always looking for financial support and I am always hoping that people will educate themselves and spread the word. Please start by joining us in *Cooks Academy* Cookery School for my Annual Fundraiser where your donations will support our efforts to build a library in Zambia this Summer.



Here is a short video of the 2010 trip - 

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